Let's start with a recipe called recipe 1. We're going to go into Add answer and click on Quick replies. We're going to create our first variable, which we'll call q1 (but you could name it whatever you want!)

After that, there’s a text field where we can ask a question to which our quick replies will respond. In our case, we're asking about colors.

For the purpose of this example, we're going to have multiple questions (two) in our chatbot. That's why all the answer choices are linked to our next recipe, recipe 2. Let's go make that recipe now.

In recipe 1, we asked the user for a first color. In recipe 2, we're asking for a second. Both of these responses will be saved into their respective variables, q1 and q2.

In this demonstration, this is where the questions stop. However, know that you can have as many quick replies and variables as you like: you just need to keep on linking them to recipe 3 and recipe 4 (etc...) until you reach the end of your questions.

To conclude a series of quick replies, input variables in individual curly braces. These will act as keywords and give ItsAlive.io a base from which to pull up another recipe.

For our example (two variables), we would link to {{q1}}{{q2}}.

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