Quick replies differ from Buttons in the way they are displayed in Messenger: Buttons show up as a menu while quick replies show up as small bubbles.



Quick replies:

However, they almost work in the same way. Both, quick replies and buttons can be linked to other recipes and other button features:

  • Go to a recipe: Link another recipe to your buttons and drive the conversation between all your recipes.

  • Open Website: Link an external URL to your buttons and open websites directly into your bot. (you can choose the size of the pop up)

  • Subscribe to a recipe: Suggest to your users to subscribe to a recipe directly through a button.

  • Variables: Redirect your users depending on their previous choices (ex: Quizz)

  • Share this card: Create a share button on your best cards to offer the possibility to users to share them.

  • Call Number: Create a real call button, all you need is to enter your phone number.

  • Handover button: Select Handover button to allow to your users to switch from bot to human in one click.

  • Subscriptions list: List all user’s subscription recipes.

Buttons can be linked to all buttons features, but Quick replies can only be linked to another recipe, Variables, Subscribe to a recipe, Handover button and subscriptions list.

Quick reply disappear when users select it, they can only press it once. Quick replies so not allow the user to return to a previous step. Otherwise, buttons never disappear when users select them. Users can press it as many times as they want.

You can have as many as eleven quick replies in a single message, and only three buttons per block answers (cards and text + button). Quick replies keep conversations more fluid.

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