Although your final chatbot will be linked to a preexisting Facebook Page (no personal accounts allowed as of yet!), you can easily send a chatbot-in-progress to colleagues or friends to test out.

Share your test my bot URL and code

Without going live, this can be done in Messenger by sending a message to the ItsAlive chatbot. You can going in your Bot configuration

You can discover your test code (exemple: test:1234) and the test bot URL:

You just need to share both to your friends, colleagues… After accessing to the test bot by clicking on the link, they can pull up your own chatbot by typing its specific test code as a message.

Keep in mind that subscriptions and the persistent menu are not accessible from the test bot.

If you're looking to test those functionalities, consider making a dummy Facebook Page! ItsAlive makes it super simple to link or unlink your chatbot to different Pages.

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