So, let's say that you want your user to subscribe to a certain recipe and receive updates on a regular basis. With the RSS feed, Schedule, and Broadcast user triggers in the ItsAlive recipe builder, your userbase will be able to consent to receiving regular updates as often as you're willing to send them. For that your need to create a subscription button to push your user to subscribe more easily (for the "confirming subscriptions").

There are two sections to this functionality:

Confirming subscriptions

Depending on the user's response, you can also craft messages that respond appropriately to their consent (or lack thereof). It's the type of subscription we recommend the most.

Gaining subscribers

When accessing a recipe where subscription is possible, ItsAlive can send a message directly to the user to ask their consent for subscription. This window (available by clicking Edit User Subscription) allows you to customize the request for access. (If you don't want to use this function, uncheck checkboxes).

You can also automatically send the last update when user confirms subscription:

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