Cards give your audience more flexibility. They're ideal to display nice content with an image, a title, description and buttons. It’s also a great way to create a menu of options which redirect users to a variety of different buttons features!

You can have as many Cards as you want in a recipe. However, due to a Facebook-instituted restriction, only up to 10 cards will be displayed at a time. 

Hint: For recipes with multiple Cards, turn on the Shuffle or Sequence mode and select up to ten cards you want to show . Your user base will get a randomized (Shuffle) or an ordered (Sequence) selection every time the recipe is selected!



Try to keep answers straight, simple, and to the point. Text appears as a regular message like you're used to seeing on Messenger.



You can also reply with Images, animations or videos (formats supported: JPEG, PNG, GIF and MP4)! The maximum size permitted is 2Mo for solely image responses. There’s no resolution limit anymore. ;) 

If you wish to send media with text, consider switching recipe formats to a Card, or using the Add answer (Before, Between or After) option in the recipe builder.


Text and Buttons

If you just have a single Card and a couple (up to three!) buttons you want to add, you can do that without creating a series of Cards.


RSS Feed

To keep your audience updated on what you and your company are up to, you can even transfer your latest news to your Page's chatbot! 

Simply paste the link to the desired RSS feed and you'll be able to select the number of available articles you would like to send to your userbase.


Quick Replies

Quick Replies offer more choices to users if you feel three buttons are a tad limiting. Quick Replies work in conjunction with Variables to offer a customized experience for your audience. (⚠️ Can’t link to an external URL, Share this card and Call number)

To learn more about this advanced functionality, click through to our tutorial:

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