While playing around with itsalive builder and creating recipes for your chatbot, the best way to see if what you're doing is working is to click on the "Test your chatbot" button to activate the test mode. 

Here's how it works:

So you don't release your unfinished chatbot to the world, we've created a test mode that will emulate how your chatbot will run when connected to your Facebook page. 

You can get your test bot link to test it on your smartphone or to share it, you just need to do a right click on the “Test your chatbot” button and copy the link address. The test mode is also accessible through the link, in the Messenger search or by flashing the Messenger code below!

After that, you can play around with your bot by saying keywords or interacting with it in any other way that will help you optimize it to its fullest potential.

What can't you test ?

As this is a shared test page, you cannot see the persistent menu or the subscriptions. If you want to test your chatbot further, the best way is to create within seconds a temporary Facebook page and link your bot to this Facebook page.

Then, when you are ready, you'll be able to switch from your test page to your real page very easily by going into the "Connected to Facebook " Tab.

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