The Unanswered recipe allows your chatbot to tell users when they've entered a keyword or a phrase which triggers no reply.

Tip: If your user base keeps on trying to figure out what makes your chatbot tick, you might want to create a series of answers and use the Shuffle or Sequence function of the recipe builder. Each time the bot doesn’t have this answer, this function enables you to show a different message to your users.

You can also include a button to redirect users to the main menu or to a recipe of your choice.

The word that the bot doesn't know could sometimes be a swear word! Consider making a specific recipe to respond to more colorful language, as well as questions like "Where are you from?"  and "How are you?". 

What’s more, the Activity tab of your bot will allow you to see any unanswered messages triggered by one of your users’ questions, so that you can optimize your chatbot.

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