Instead of asking for specific user input, you can give your audience up to many buttons to select a response that you'll be able to anticipate. It's easily done within your recipe builder.

Buttons keep your users engaged by always driving them to another recipe, external URL.. you can choose one from nine features to link to your button.

Select the type of button you want to create :

  • Go to a recipe: Link another recipe to your buttons and drive the conversation between all your recipes.

  • Open Website: Link an external URL to your buttons and open websites directly into your bot. (you can choose the size of the pop up)

  • Subscribe to a recipe: Suggest to your users to subscribe to a recipe directly through a button.

  • Variables: Redirect your users depending on their previous choices (ex: Quizz)

  • Share this card: Create a share button on your best cards to offer the possibility to users to share them.

  • Call Number: Create a real call button, all you need is to enter your phone number.

  • Handover button: Select Handover button to allow to your users to switch from bot to human in one click.

  • Subscriptions list: List all user’s subscription recipes.

Create the button :

Keep in mind that buttons have a Facebook-instituted limit of 20 characters (⚠️ emojis accounts like several characters), so make sure to keep the button text short and sweet!

If you create a new recipe from the search dropdown, this new recipe will be directly linked to the button.

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