A recipe can take many different forms. However, the most common formats are images, text, or answer cards

Remember that any recipe can be preceded or followed by additional messages simply by respectively clicking on the Add answer (Before, Between or After) functions in every recipe builder.

You can always create your chatbot’s answer with text-only or image-only responses. However, to engage your audience with text, images, and buttons all in one answer, we recommend Answer Cards.


Answer Cards

Answer Cards give your user more flexibility. They're ideal for creating a menu of options and letting your user choose. They can redirect to a variety of different recipes and links!

You can have as many Cards as you want in a recipe. However, due to a Facebook-instituted restriction, only up to 10 cards can be displayed at a time.

Hint: For recipes with multiple Cards, enable the Shuffle or Sequence option and select up to ten cards you want to show. Your user base will get a randomized selection every time the recipe is selected! 

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