There are multiple ways for a user to access subsequent recipes in your chatbot. The first (and the most simple one) occurs when a button is selected, redirecting your user to another recipe or to an external URL...etc.

However, you've probably noticed by now the left-hand column in every recipe builder: the User Triggers. These triggers represent different ways for users to activate recipes by simply typing a response to your chatbot.

Groups of keywords

Keywords rely on user input and are useful when you're anticipating a message: for example, if a user were to type in “hi” or “hello”, you could say “hi” back! For those who cry out for a bit of help, you could direct them to a menu that explains your chatbot in greater detail.


Variables are one of ItsAlive’s advanced function that allows you to save user input to explore it at a later point during the conversation. Variables pair with Quick replies for an experience that pairs well with quizzes, surveys, or trivia.

Trigger with an RSS feed

For an RSS feed, you'll need to activate a functionality within both the Bot Answers and User Triggers sections of the recipe builder. 

Simply add the link into the recipe builder and the answer cards will automatically be updated with the latest articles, images, and news.

This is one of the three user triggers that can be programmed for subscription, along with schedules and instant notifications.


In one of our more advanced functionalities, allows you to send preprogrammed messages to your user base after receiving their consent. These messages will be sent to the user at the time indicated in their respective time zone.

For example, a user in Paris will receive their notification at 12 A.M. Parisian time, and their counterpart in New York will receive the same notification six hours later -- at 12 A.M. EST.

Learn more about user subscriptions below:


You may just need to eventually push out a message to your userbase in times of urgency. You'll be able to do that with an instant notification user trigger. 

Learn more about user subscriptions here:

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