You must keep in mind that each chatbot (or bot) has a purpose. The key to building a successful chatbot lies in clearly identifying your bot’s purpose and explaining it to your users: 

  • First visit : Welcome recipe

  • When they want more information : About recipe 

  • When you bot doesn't understand what they say: Remind them your bot’s purpose with the unanswered recipe.

One purpose after the other.
Keep the conversation clear and simple and try not to scare your users by giving them too many options. Seduce them with your best recipe.

Your bot is a medium conveying  a message : focus on delivering it.
Step by Step. Don't add too much information at once: Welcome your users, explain what your bot is there for, give them a taste of what your bot can do (lead them to your greatest recipe), and then show them all the things that your bot can do or invite people to keep in touch (subscribe).

Now you can check how to : 

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