An answering machine, a personal assistant, and a curated menu of everything that your company has to offer. Chatbots are here to automate your conversations on Facebook Messenger and augment this channel for:

Customer care
: Automate frequently asked questions and seamlessly connect people to a human when necessary using Facebook Inbox or other platforms.

Broadcasting: Enable people to subscribe to weekly content and broadcast exclusive messages with a very high reach. Manually or automatically.

Acquisition: Collecting information in a much more intuitive and less intrusive manner. Driving leads from automated conversations directly to your CRM.

Brand awareness: Chatbots are a new way to tell stories. Discovering your brand and services in a one to one conversation without distractions.

With, the hard work (back-end coding, tricky debugging, and disheartening trial and error) is done for you! All you have to do is come up with a great idea for your chatbot and create.

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