If you want to broadcast messages to your chatbot users you have mainly two different options based on the type of content you want to send and when you want to send it.

Send any kind of message to users that interacted WITHIN a "24hour window". (Standard messaging)

Great for funnels, surveys, reminders or to re-engage 1 hour or 23 hours after your last conversation.

✔️ You don't need any kind of authorization from Facebook for that.
✔️ You don't need to choose a message tag.
✔️ You don't need an specific audience (it can be everyone)
⚠️ You must make sure to create a segment in your broadcast setup
(ex: Last message date = 1 hour)

Send a message to users AFTER 24 HOURS (Subscription Messaging)

Great for news, tools, updates etc... 

⚠️ You can't send any promotionnal content. If you want to send promotionnal
content you must use Sponsored Messages.  Check Facebook Policy.

❓ You must request permission to send subscription messages in your Facebook page settings. Read more.

⚠️You must choose your Message TAG wisely, each tag has a specific purpose and usage. Refer to the official list of TAGS here 

🔔 You need users to subscribe to your bot/ a specific recipe, before sending the broadcast. This is like gathering emails for newsletters. How to get subscribers.

When you'll send your broadcast, you'll need  to choose an audience of users that subscribed to your bot or a specific recipe. In your Broadcast setup, when selecting your audience, choose the recipe that people subscribed to. 

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