Why is this a big day ?

Since we launched itsAlive two years ago, thousands of chatbots have been built across 100+ countries. We have been working closely with small tech startups, renowned digital agencies, global corporations, insurance agencies, NGO’s, artists, energy suppliers… All looking for a new way to engage more effectively with their audiences through automated conversations.

What is new ?

As we strive to build great chatbots, we learn, optimise and pursue our journey, while having one special purpose: making sure it’s easy for everyone to take advantage of conversation automation, while delivering to you the best of what we have learned and from your feedback.

For the last 9 months, the team has been working on a complete redesign of the user interface in order to improve user experience, and the platform has been rebuilt at its core: it’s now impressively faster, and we’ve added a lot more exciting features 🔥.
You can read more about the new itsAlive 2.0 on medium

Why is this a big deal for us ?

We have joined and followed the Product Hunt community for years. We saw startups emerge, with some falling, and a few sky rocketing.

If there is one place where you can discover great products and share feedback and tips with a community of product hunters, that's the place.

We have been hunted twice on Product Hunt without being prepared. Today itsAlive 2.0 is ready.

Why do I care ? (give me my lifetime -10% discount !)

To thank you all and celebrate this launching day, we offer a lifetime -10% discount to all users that will go premium only today.

This means that new users will always have a -10% discount (even when you upgrade later) and that all existing users that will upgrade (that means having a higher plan than your actual plan).

Do not worry if you don't see the discount coming through directly. We will manually add the discount to your account once you have subscribed.

While it will be a long day, we will follow a simple rule: all our premium users dated 09/11/2018 will first get a 10% refund, plus a lifetime 10% off on their account.

No, it won't be available one day later.

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