To better understand your brand (through your bot) internationally, it’s best to build a multilingual bot. For that you have two solutions :

First option: You have many Facebook pages (one by country) you can duplicate your bot and translate it in another language for as many pages as necessary. 

Second option: You have only one international brand’s page, you can build one bot with many languages:

  • When creating a new botchoose the main language. ⚠️ you can't change the main language later. It's important to choose the most comong language as this means that everyone will see this language. Then you can add additional languages now or later in the bot settings.

  • If you have already created your bot with only one language, you can go in “Edit bot” in “Bot configuration” and add as many languages as you want, as long as you have a pro plan. (⚠️ Don’t forget to save!)

This means everyone seens your MAIN LANGUAGE and you add an exception to people that have their facebook account in the ADDITIONNAL LANGUAGE.

Create your multilingual recipes

Now you can go into your recipes and update your content by languages. To do this, you only need to change your language in the recipe you need.

By default the same content is dupplicated from the main language recipe to the second language recipe.

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