We’re giving to all our users access to their bot’s basic performance via analytics.
Premium users, of course, get access to detailed, richer data and KPIs.

Bot Overview (free)

This is the best way to have a quick overview of your bot’s performance: you have access to the current month, as well as figures dating back to your bot’s launch.

Number of users, Number of subscriptions, Number of messages, Number of sessions and average time spent per user.

Graphically visualize your bot’s performance over a specific period.

Users insights (Premium)

Gather interesting insights from your users: how many messages, unanswered recipes, session length, the first and last times they visited your bot. And, amongst these, where they came from.

Recipes (Premium)

Discover the most popular recipes, optimize the most important recipes and find solutions for the recipes that aren't triggered often enough.

Broadcast (Premium)

Get all the details you need when broadcasting messages to your users by using one of the following triggers:

  • RSS Feeds

  • Scheduled post (every day / week / month)

  • Broadcast (manual)

Check how many invitations (if users haven't opted-in) and messages (if users have opted-in) have been sent.

Variables (Premium)

When using quick replies you can save the answers to use them as triggers or just for analytics. You can now have a quick overview of how many times a quick reply has been selected. This is great for polls, UX improvements or quizzes.

Here is an example with recipes using variables: question 1, question 2, question 3 and number of people that won and lost.

Just one click on a variable gives you the exact details of the answers. Here 305 people chose the correct first answer. You can also access the detailed answers per user.

Referers (Premium)

Track where people come by using a specific tag (m.me/YourBot?ref=Newsletter) with the URL you use for sharing your chatbot.

Get KPIs on the number of external clicks your bot has generated.

If you want more information, just ask us ! 

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