You have linked your Facebook chatbot to you page but your persistent menu or welcome message won’t show up! 

Here are a few tips to make sure it works:

You are not admin of your page. (Editors or other roles).
Welcome message and persistent menu are parameters sent to Facebook when you "Link Your bot" to your Facebook page. Some or your bot’s setting might not work.

You have tried another chatbot platform (or Facebook app) connected it to your page (or Facebook account) and forgot about it.
But it's probably still here and interfering with you new app. To check, go to your Facebook page, then settings, then Messenger Platform.

To delete Facebook apps click here (facebook settings)

You have subscribed to Premium.
Persistent menu can take time to update. Please just edit your persistent menu (delete a word or add a button) and it will be updated automatically.
If you are a Premium user and don't have any buttons the persistent menu is deleted.

You haven't accepted all permissions when you connected your Facebook account.

Your page isn't published:
You can see all your bot features as an admin, but people might not. Make sure it's published.

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