A great way to stay engaged with your audience is to send them notifications directly through Messenger.
You can only do that if users opti-in. This means users need to susbscribe to your bot.

Here are the steps to configure and send manual notifications to your users and invitations to everyone that actually talked to your bot.

1 - Create a "notification" recipe

This recipe will be used to send content to your users. We are going to add a single trigger : Broadcast. If your bot never had users, you won't be able to send it.

2 - Edit the "invitation message" (opt-in)

This is your "first and only" shot to convince users to subscribe.
You can send an invitation to subscribe (opt-in) to all users who have been talking to your bot and didn't subscribe yet by clicking on a button you added somewhere.

  • Click the "Subscription settings" button

  • Check the "Automatically send this invitation message..." box

  • Write your invitation message, keep it simple and don't try to trick your audience. Basically just ask if people would like to get updates from you, you can precise the kind of content and the frequency too.

Invitation messages automatically have 2 buttons that are a YES and NO button you can also edit.

Please not that you don't have to send invitations, users can subscribe using buttons that you have added to your bot conversation or persistent menu.

  • If you only want to send messages to your subscribed users uncheck the box.

3 - Edit the "confirmation messages"

So what happens when people tap the YES or NO buttons ?

YES : user is subscribed, he will get the "Subscription confirmation message" and your next updates when you decide.
NO : user is UnSubscribed he will get the "UnSubscription confirmation message" and he won't receive your updates anymore.

!! You must edit your confirmation messages !!

4 - Always leave a clear way to unsubscribe

By default we have an "unsubscribe" keyword so your users can stop your notifications. Please leave it clear, you can also add a "settings" button in the menu that links to a recipe with a subscribe and unsubscribe button.
If you don't do that, some users might finish by hating you.

5 - Automatically send the update for new subscribers

You have two ways to proceed :

A - "Stay tuned we'll send you updates soon"
Don't check the "Last update" fonction if you just want people to get your message when you have decided.

B - "Awesome you'll be the first to know, here is the lastest update"
Check the "Last update" fonction if you want people to get your recipe message as soon as they confirm the subscription (opt-in).

6 - Before pushing the button !

You have no going back after you press this button, meaning if you have 1000 users, your messages will be sent to 1000 users. Closing the window won't change anything.

Sending a message = Users
Sending an entire recipe to users who subscribed

Sending an invitation + message = Invitations + Users
Sending an opt-in to people that have already talked to your bot once, asking them if they want to subscribe to your updates + Sending the update (recipe) to subscribers

People will only receive ONE INVITATION TO SUBSCRIBE

7 - Send your message (and your invitations) 

Keep in mind people subscribe or unsubscribe to a recipe (not to the bot). So you can add more than one subscription and when you send something you send the entire content of your recipe.
Please use responsibly or your account will be blocked.

Here is what you need to check (and options):

Sending only your recipe to people who already subscribed

  • Your "send invitation" and "last update" checkbox is OFF in edit subscription settings

  • You don't see any mention of "invitations" under the button

Users = people that have subscribed.
You'll get an email when finished

Sending Invitations AND your recipe

  • Your "send invitation" checkbox is ON in edit subscription settings

  • You have edited the invitation message.

  • Your confirmation messages (Yes and No) are edited too

  • "Send last update" is ON 

  • You'll have the number of users and the number of invitations

Sending only an invitation
Not a lot of point but you can gain subscribers like that just to see.

  • Your "send invitation" checkbox is ON in edit subscription settings

  • You have edited the invitation message.

  • Your confirmation messages (Yes and No) are edited too

  • "Send last update" is OFF

  • Delete the content of your recipe or this will be sent to your subscribers too.


Why do I only see : Send XX invitations ?
This means you don't have any subscribers and you'll have to send invitations before.

Why do I have less "users" or invitations than before ?
Because you have lost users. People do actually say no. Users are updated at every batch. Meaning that you must make sure you send relevant information or you will loose users.

Why do my messages don't actually send ?
Please check the following: 

  • You have more messages than your plan allows (check your profile and upgrade)

  • You have changed your Facebook password or permissions (the bot won't work anymore)

  • You have linked your bot to another page. It was "just to try" but you will lose all your users.

Users are linked to your Facebook page. If you Unlink your bot and link it to another Facebook page, you will loose all your users.

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