This feature enables your users to pause the bot at any time and notify one or several community manager(s) that someone wants to talk to them. This is a great Handover experience. (Handover protocol works with Facebook, for that you need to connect your bot to a Facebook page).

1 - Enabling users to "Pause the bot" or "Talk to a human"

This feature enables users to pause their conversations with the bot whenever they like. It will also notify the admin(s) who’ll get the users’ names so (they) can contact them to continue the conversation through Facebook Inbox (or on other apps, Dimelo, Sprinklr…). When the conversation is over, the admin or the user can reactivate the bot. To do so, in any recipe you can create a button that switches the bot off:

  • Create a recipe with a button (Quick replies or classic Buttons). Tip : You can add it in the persistent menu too.

  • Select the right type (Handover Protocol) of button.

2 - Activate the Handover Protocol with Facebook

To activate the Handover Protocol, you just need to go in your ⚙️ bot configuration, in the Handover Protocol Features.

Now you just need to hit “let’s begin”, connect your bot to a Facebook page (if it’s not done) and add ItsAlive as Primary App in your Facebook Messenger settings, and add your Secondary Apps (Secondary Apps are the apps used by your community manager to receive messages and talk to your customers), in our case “Page Inbox”. 

Afterwards, you just need to select the app you want to use. If you like, you can choose more than one app.

4 - Customizing Messages

Once you have activated the handover feature, you can customize automated messages in the automatic recipes of your essentials folder or in the “⚙️ bot configuration” → “Handover Protocol”.

Update the automatic recipe "Handover On"

This is the message sent to your user when he switches on the handover protocol button (Handover on). You can choose to write whatever you like. By default, this message is: "The bot is paused, an administrator will reply to you as soon as possible.

If you want to switch the chatbot back ON now, use the button below:"

You can change the name of the button, but you need to make sure you keep the Handover off button to allow your user to reactivate the robot once an agent has responded.

Update the automatic recipe "Handover Off"

This is the message sent to your users when they switch off the handover protocol button (Handover off) to reactivate the bot. You can write whatever you like. By default, the message is: "The bot has been reactivated. You can now use the chatbot normally. If you need to speak to someone and want to switch it back OFF, please use the button below:"

Tip: You don’t have to keep the text block in the handover recipe. Instead, you can and make a quick replies block.

5 - Take care of your customers in best possible way!

You just need to reply your consumers and satisfy them!

This feature is only available for premium users. Contact the team if you are interested.

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