Why are plans built on a per-message basis?

Our pricing model is based on messages that your bot sends and receives each month. We believe this is the smartest way to offer everyone a fair price, with the fewest restrictions. This means you can send 1 notification to 5000 users. Or 10 messages to 500 people.

If you have a specific idea in mind, please get in touch.

What do I get with a premium plans?

Premium plans are a stress-free alternative to use all the ItsAlive features. This includes: 

  • Building unlimited recipes

  • Using unlimited triggers (keywords, notifications, RSS feeds…)

  • An unlimited number of users or subscribers

  • Sending unlimited notifications

  • Advanced features such as Bot + Human Tango or Bot Analytics

The only limit is the number of monthly messages you send, and bots you create.

What happens if I surpass my plan? 

We will pause your bot. But not right away! Yeah, don’t worry. We will notify you by email once you’ve reached 90%, 100% and even 110% of your limit. You can then decide to wait until the end of the month or upgrade to a more suitable plan.

How can I check my consumption? 

You will find you monthly message consumption directly within your profile settings in the “Billing” tab.

How and when can I upgrade? 

You can upgrade or go back to the free plan anytime. Please note that if you have started a premium plan and decide to end it, your premium plan will still be effective until one month after your transaction date. If you upgrade to another premium plan, the difference will be automatically deducted and added to your next bill.

How are payments processed?

All our payments are processed via Stripe, a secure world-class solution. We accept all credit cards and other payments are possible via custom plans. Our billing is powered by FreshBooks.

Where can I find my invoices?

All your invoices will be added to your profile each month.

What if I’ve already created my account?

Don’t worry. Pricing will start as of September 25. If your bots already process more than 1000 messages per month, you've got until then to upgrade your plan.

Please contact us if you need a tailored solution for your business:

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